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The "Napkin" Sketch
Everything begins as an idea and more often than not, actually on a napkin. Bring us your ideas, concepts and napkins and we’ll begin our process of turning them into form, function and reality. This is the first stage of any design.
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The following example shows the steps of bringing a product to life. This is a loud speaker for aftermarket boats that are hitting the lake in the summertime and want to listen to their music loud. It uses a wide variety of materials and product processes available (CNC’d metal, Injection Molded Plastic, Die Cast Aluminum, Stamped Steel, etc) all wrapping in a sleek cosmetic package that can survive outdoor elements. X3 designed and executed every part of this product down to the smallest details. From engineering how the speaker sounds/mounts to managing the Asian manufacturing vendor to the gift box design, we can turnkey nearly any product.